Hi! I’m Heather Miller

Heather Miller, an abstract artist in Fairfax, Va
Hi!  I’m Heather Miller, the artist behind all of the work you see on my site. (my bad selfie is will be seen here until I get a new headshot)

I am an abstract artist living just outside Washington, D.C. in Fairfax, Virginia. I received my BFA in Digital Art from George Mason University in 2011.  I exhibit my work throughout the region.

I am a self-produced artist so I primarily sell online.  When I do exhibit my work in the real world, I stick to casual galleries and art shows that appeal to a lot of audiences.

It is my hope that my art inspires people to fill their home with happy colors & playful textures. I try to create art that is accessible to people in many ways – technique, materials, and even price.

My art is about the exploration of color and form. I love using different materials including those not normally thought of as art supplies (even though many actually art, just in different packaging).

As you browse the site, you’ll find that I tell the ‘story’ of each piece. I usually include the details on how I created it so you can try it yourself (and you totally should).


Just the FAQs….

Why is your work priced so low?

I’m frequently told I underprice my work.  That would be true if I was a gallery artist but I’m not. I price my work “low” for a reason.  When I was in art school I had to go to New York City to see art at least once a year. During my first trip I found a piece online that was being exhibited in the Chelsea district. That was my first stop. I was completely in the love with the painting. It was like someone looked at my entire life, found everything I was ever passionate about, & put it on a canvas in a style that looked like digital art (which was my passion at the time).  When I arrived at the gallery, I headed straight for it only to have my heart shattered. It cost $160,000, more than the house I had custom built in when I lived in Ohio.  I realized right then that, as an artist, I did not want people to experience that feeling with my art.

I try to keep my prices low so that most anyone can afford to buy a unique, custom piece of art rather than a mass-produced piece from a chain store.  I fervently believe that price shouldn’t prevent you from having truly unique art in your home.

Why is your art so expensive?

Creating even a simple piece of art often costs a lot more than you would assume. While I try to price shop my supplies as much as possible, canvases, paint, and other supplies aren’t always cheap.  Painter’s Caulk is inexpensive but the pigment powders I mix with it cost an arm and leg (a tiny jar can cost $20+). Canvases can vary wildly in price and cheap ones are often just that: cheap.  When I do use those (and I do), I almost always have to frame them because the wood on the canvas is a bit warped so the canvas won’t lay flat on the wall.  I spend crazy amounts of time price shopping frames but those add to the cost too.  Paints can run the gambit from relatively inexpensive to jaw-dropping. While I try to avoid the stuff that makes me cringe, sometimes I can’t find a paint that works as well.

Long story short, I am a business owner and I do try to keep my costs in check but ultimately this is what I do for a living. I do, however, sell prints (& other merchandise) of many of my pieces so if an original is out of your price range, check out my Zazzle & Society 6 shops! Prints can start as low as $9 (Zazzle runs big sales all the time so I highly recommend waiting for at least 40% off).  If you don’t see the piece you’re looking for, let me know.  I have a lot of art to upload to those sites so I may not have gotten to it yet.

Can I trust you enough to buy online from you?  

Yes, but you don’t have to take my word on that.  You can check out my seller ratings at Etsy and eBay.  I haven’t sold art on eBay but I’ve sold misc things there since 1999.  You can see I have all positive reviews on both sites.  If you’re buying direct I accept payment through PayPal or Square (your choice).  Both companies have had my back when I had issues with transactions so I know they’ll have yours too.

How does shipping work?

I package my work very, very carefully. I’m always happy to send you pictures of the packaging for your approval before I ship. I only ship insured with tracking.  I can ship with USPS, UPS, and Fedex so if you have preference just let me know.  I have an entire room full of shipping supplies so I usually can pack up your art and have it ready to ship within 1-2 days of the payment clearing.

Why do you exhibit as WhiteRose’s Art?  

Heather Miller is a really common name, even among artists.  I’ve gone by WhiteRose on the internet since the mid-1990’s.  My first website, WhiteRosesGarden.com (not active atm), has been in existence since 1997.  It has always been my go-to name.  Ironically, it’s probably only slightly less common that Heather Miller LOL.

Were you formerly TexelGirl Art?

I was!  Around 2011 I decided the name no longer fit.  You see, a texel is essentially like a pixel but in 3 dimensional space.  When I started out, I primarily did 3D models for video games like The Sims 2.  I even went to art school to learn to be better at that.  I chose the wrong school at the wrong time for that sadly.  By the time I got my BFA in Digital Art, I didn’t even want to think about doing digital art, of any kind, anymore.  I decided since that was the case, the name had to go.

Anything Else?

Oh, I’m an avid gamer.  I started my ‘career’ in art doing video game mods for The Sims 2.  I still play a lot video games but almost solely PC games.  I’ve done texture packs (art) for Minecraft and some smaller mods for Skyrim and Oblivion.

When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronomer.  Star Wars was a huge influence on my life as a kid.  As I got older, I developed a bitter hatred for math which, as it turns out, I’m actually OK at.  I spent most of my school years thinking I sucked but a high school teacher at the end of junior year pointed out that my nearly failing grade was ALL because I suck at arithmetic (calculators were largely forbidden).  When he said that if I could add/subtract I would have gotten an A and my last 3 tests I wanted to scream, cry, and punch something.  In the end, I didn’t pursue any of the sciences because math always stressed me out, even years later when I got A’s and B’s in college.  My ongoing series, Intergalactic, stems from my love of astronomy.

In the past, I owned a gift shop, Journeys of the Soul, in Columbus, Ohio.  In the even more distant past, I co-founded a non-profit education center, Sanctuary, in Medina, Ohio.  While it existed, I served as the director of the Arts & Cultural center and was the Editor In Chief of the newsletter, The Human Voice.   I created some fun, and profitable, events for the center including the Holistic Fair, a 2-day monthly event featuring performers, vendors, healers, and psychics.  We also held art shows, concerts, and offered a wide array of classes covering everything from art to zen. Heather Miller Art