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Here I am after I playing with some white hair coloring.

Hi, I’m Heather Miller.  I am an artist living just outside Washington, D.C. in Northern Virginia. I received my BFA in Digital Art from George Mason University in 2011.  I exhibit my work throughout the region.  I am a non-traditional artist so you won’t find my work in stuffy galleries.  I stick to casual galleries and art shows that appeal to a lot of audiences.

I dabble in many forms and mediums of art and hope that my work inspires others to do the same. I try to keep my prices low so that most anyone can afford to buy a unique, custom piece of art rather than a mass-produced piece from a chain store.  Price shouldn’t prevent you from having truly unique art in your home.

In the past, I owned a gift shop, Journeys of the Soul, in Columbus, Ohio.  I also co-founded a non-profit education center, Sanctuary, in Medina, Ohio.  While it existed, I served as the director of the Arts & Cultural center and was the Editor In Chief of the newsletter, The Human Voice.   I created some fun, and profitable, events for the center including the Holistic Fair, a 2-day monthly event featuring performers, vendors, healers, and psychics.  We also held art shows, concerts, and offered a wide array of classes covering everything from art to zen.

Why do I exhibit as WhiteRose’s Art?  

Heather Miller is a really common name, even among artists.  I’ve gone by WhiteRose on the internet since the mid-1990’s.  My first website, WhiteRosesGarden.com (not active atm), has been in existence since 1997.  It has always been my go-to name.  Ironically, it’s probably only slightly less common that Heather Miller LOL.

Are you wondering if I used to be called TexelGirl Art?

I was!  Around 2011 I decided the name no longer fit.  You see, a texel is essentially like a pixel but in 3 dimensional space.  When I started out, I primarily did 3D models for video games like The Sims 2.  I even went to art school to learn to be better at that.  I chose the wrong school at the wrong time for that sadly.  By the time I got my BFA in Digital Art, I didn’t even want to think about doing digital art, of any kind, anymore.  I decided since that was the case, the name had to go.

Wondering if you can trust me enough to buy from me?  

You can check out my seller ratings at Etsy and eBay.  I haven’t sold art on eBay but I’ve sold misc things there since 1999.  At least you can see that I have a positive track record at both sites.

 Heather Miller Art