Brushstrokes & Droplets

Brushstrokes & Droplets (
Brushstrokes & Droplets is an abstract painting by  by Heather Miller

Title: Breeze in Winter
Year: 2013
Size: 11″ x 14″ (excluding frame dimensions)

Brushstrokes & Droplets was made using painter’s caulk and ink on canvas board.

The Story:

Brushstrokes & Droplets doesn’t really have much of a story honestly.  I’m pretty sure the brushstrokes were probably the remainder of a tube of painter’s caulk (I wrote this 3 years after I finished the piece). When I have a small amount left, I generally like to find some use for it because it will dry out, even if the tube is well sealed.

The painter’s caulk was laid first.  I brushed the caulk with a brush made for soldering plumbing pipes (the bristles leave a really interesting texture).  When that dried I applied both paint & ink.  In some areas I matched the brushstrokes in the caulk, in other areas I went against them.  The droplets, which are ink, were dripped on after the paint was dry.   The entire piece was sealed to protect it.  It comes framed without glass due to the dimensional quality of the texture.

The art world is full of abstract art.  In my opinion, that’s because it’s fun to create.  This is a piece anyone can make and I highly recommend that everyone try it at least once.  All the materials are inexpensive and readily available.