Title: Canyon Falls
Size: 17 1/8″ x 21 1/8″ (art = 16″ x 20″)
Year: 2017

Canyon Falls was created using acrylic paint, acrylic pouring medium, latex pouring medium, embossing powder, silicone oil, and sealer on canvas board. It comes framed in silver without glass.

The Story:

Canyon Falls is an abstract flow painting. This was an experiment in mixing two types of pouring mediums into acrylic paint.  During this period, acrylic pouring medium was hard to find. Latex pouring medium, however, was not.  I use the latex pouring medium periodically as it does some interesting things in acrylic paints.  It did not disappoint!

The acrylic paints I used were all metallic paints – silvers, copper, and golds.  Added to the mix was a silver glitter acrylic and a metallic  black. I wanted high contrast and had intended to leave a lot of visible background.  About half the paints were diluted with acrylic pouring medium & the other half were mixed with the latex pouring medium.  A few drops of silicone oil was added to each paint to create ‘cells.’

I mixed entirely too much paint, and stupidly, didn’t realize it until about 85% was poured on to the canvas. Things were looking fantastic at that point but with that much paint, the shapes change quickly.  I poured a great deal of the paint onto smaller canvases which changed the look of this piece a lot.  I honestly wasn’t sure it was going to usable.

When it finally dried, I was amazed by how much it had changed.  The metallics were no longer shiny.  They turned out very, very matte looking, almost rusty.  The high contrast was lost but it was replaced by fascinating cracks and fissures. This was somewhat expected as the latex medium can do that with certain acrylics.

I chose to call the painting Canyon Falls because the colors reminded me a bit of the grand canyon & other rock formations in the western United States. The white paint, and the falling nature of the pattern, inspired the ‘falls’ part of the title.

The piece comes framed in silver without glass due to the texture.  I would be happy to remove the frame, upon request, and the cost will be deducted from the sales price.  Contact me for details.