Echo by Heather Miller of WhiteRosesArt
Echo by Heather Miller

Title: Echo
Size: 12″ x 12″ x 11/16″
Year: 2016

Echo was made using adhesive, painter’s caulk, and acrylic paint on canvas.

The Story:

When I started this piece, I had set out to copy a technique I’d seen on Pinterest.  That was the plan anyway.  The technique had used aluminum foil which was then painted over.  Simple right?  Well, not exactly.

I started by tearing aluminum foil into random shapes.  I glued those down in a diagonal.  After 24 hours, I realized the glue I used was not going to hold the foil in place.  Sadly, it was really easy to remove.  The canvas, however, was not easy to clean – so I didn’t bother.  The adhesive created really interesting patterns.  The question became ‘what next?’

It occurred to me that painter’s caulk has the consistency of buttercream frosting (it does!).  I loaded a pastry bag with black painter’s caulk & put a simple lettering tip on it.  Keep in mind that I own a cake decorating kit which I used once in 6 years.  I relocated it to my art studio.  Using a charcoal pencil, I drew the circles on either side of the glue.  I then went over the lines with the painter’s caulk.

I love painting with blues and purples.  So much so, that I actually force myself to use other colors lest I create nothing but blue & purple works (seriously!).  Since I created ‘Fractured Flame‘ at the same time as this piece, and it features red, orange, and yellow, I decided I could use blue & purple on this one.  I ended up painting over the caulk with metallic silver & metallic purple acrylic paints.  The rest of the piece was painted using different teals and blue paints.  I also created some depth & contrast by adding in black & white acrylic paints.  The sides of this piece are finished in black acrylic paint.