Oraviathin by Heather Miller | WhiteRosesArt.com
Oraviathin by Heather Miller


Title: Oraviathin
Year: 2016
Size: 19″ x 23″ (canvas measures 16″ x 20″)

Oraviathin was created using acrylic paints, black painter’s caulk, and polyurethane on canvas.

The Story:

At the beginning of 2016, I decided to relaunch myself.  Part of that effort had me take a long hard look at the art I create.  I’ve always created something of an art/craft hybrid.  I’ve spent 7 years doing that. It’s fun and it sells but I’ve decided I want to focus a bit more and “play” a bit less.  Oraviathin was part of my new focus.

This piece was a purely an experiment in technique.  The background was made by watering down various acrylic paints and pouring them onto canvas.  Using a “highly technical” process of shifting the canvas back & forth, the paint mixes and blends on its own.  Then it’s a matter of allow it to dry for several days.

After the piece was dry, it looked rather flat.  When it was wet it had this high gloss sheen that made my ‘over mixing’ less obvious.  Rather than scrap the piece, I decided to add some texture.  I’ve become known for texture so it seemed quite natural.  I applied black painter’s caulk with a palette knife.  I created a relatively simple shape.  Once that cured, I painted a some of the deep pits with some of the shimmery blues I used on the canvas.  Then I dry brushed the same yellow-brown over all the ridges.  The last step was to paint the background with a few coats of polyurethane.

I wanted the background to be glossy, but I didn’t want to change the more matte look of painted caulk. I carefully painted around that.  The edges of the canvas had been taped while the painting was done.  There were some areas that I didn’t get as much paint as they should have.  Since it was going to painfully obvious that I was hand-painting that area, I decided just to paint in some matte black “waves.”  The frame was actually on another piece.  I painted it matte black as well which, I think, adds a nice contrast to the shiny background.