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Outrageous by Heather Miller

Title: Outrageous
Year: 2016
Size: 12″ x 12″ x 1″

Outrageous was created using acrylic paint, spray paint, embossing powder, oil pastel, painter’s caulk, and polyurethane on canvas.

The Story:

This piece was originally part of a 4 panel series called “Metallic Abstracts.”  Shortly after creating it I realized it wasn’t the most successful series.  I repainted 3 of the panels black, each one featuring a different finish: matte, semi-gloss, & high gloss.  The three hung on the wall in my living room for a long time but I never really liked them.  They went from my living room wall to the floor in my studio where they sat for years.  I finally decided I was either going to salvage them or pitch them in the rubbish.

I started by rubbing a purple oil pastel over all the ridges of the piece.  I didn’t really have a plan.  After seeing the purple, I thought  I should repaint the entire piece in a metallic purple acrylic paint, as a base, and then redo the oil pastel.  I decided to pour the metallic purple all over the piece and was going to spread it out from there.  I never spread it out because I kind of liked the design I accidentally created.  I thought there needed to be a bit more contrast to the piece so I poured & dripped metallic black acrylic paint onto the piece.  I sprinkled just a little bit of a glittery embossing powder into the wet paint and then set it aside  to dry.  My next step was to drizzle polyurethane over the piece to provide a different type of gloss.  The polyurethane also interacts with the oil pastel rather nicely for a subtle but interesting effect.  I sealed the whole piece with a matte finish spray sealer.

I decided to call it Outrageous on a lark.  There was something about the color scheme that reminded me of the cartoon from the 1990s called “Gem & the Holograms.”  I thought about calling it Truly Outrageous but reconsidered as I didn’t want everyone to automatically make the association.