Pathway by Heather Miller | WhiteRose's Art
Pathway by Heather Miller, WhiteRoses Art


Title: Pathway
Size: 12″ x 24″ x .75″
Year: 2016

Pathway  was created using painter’s caulk, moulding compound, and acrylic paint on canvas. The sides have been painted black.


The Story:

Pathway is a highly textured abstract work that was inspired by stone pathways and garden walls.  The colors are rich and the dark outlines creates a strong contrast.  The outlines are made with a moulding compound that mimics a heavily sanded grout which gives the piece even more dimension & texture.  The sides of the canvas have been painted black. It’s a striking piece that will fit into many different home decor styles.

When I set out to create this piece, I knew two things.  First, I wanted to work with painter’s caulk.  Second, I wanted to try carve into to creating distinct areas.  Once the areas were ‘carved’ in, I was reminded of the faux stonework on one of my neighbor’s houses.  They have flat stones adhered around the stairs leading to their house created a faux stone wall look.  That became my inspiration.

Painting this piece took several weeks.  There are many, many layers of paint that have brushed on, wiped off, and brushed on again.  Each layer need to dry for at least a day before I could begin working again.  I did each grouping of stone separately which added to the time it took to complete it.

The ‘grout,’ as mentioned earlier, is a moulding compound that mimics sanded grout.  It was my first time working with it.  I mixed paint into to darken the material to the color you see.  Originally I attempted to apply it with a piping bag (normally used for frosting) but it kept clogging the tips.  I ended up using a combination of a very small brush & a toothpick to apply it to the areas I wanted.  It was a very, very time consuming process.

The piece was intended to look like stone but it weighs a lot less!  Caulk is very lightweight when dry so the whole piece weighs only 1.8lbs.