Rave by Heather Miller of WhiteRosesArt
Rave by Heather Miller

Title: Rave
Size: 14 1/2″ x 11 1/2″ x 5/8″
Year: 2016

Rave was created using acrylic paint, fluid medium, molding compound, and lacquer on a canvas board.  It comes frame without glass.

The Story:

Rave is a fluid painting with a slight twist.  The first layer applied to the canvas board is actually a molding compound mixed with a hot pink acrylic paint.  It creates just a bit of texture that runs more or less diagonal across the piece (from upper right to lower left).

Once the texture layer dried, I mixed acrylic paint with a fluid medium.  This allows the paint to flow easily without becoming transparent.  I mixed red, magenta, purple and silver acrylic paints with the fluid medium.  I covered the whole canvas board in the magenta color first.  Then I added in small amounts of the other colors in vertical lines & drips.

Since there was a texture layer at the base, the piece’s final look is quite different from what it looked like once I finished pouring the paint on.  My nice vertical lines of paint becomes odd swirls and shapes.  Two things created the new patterns in the paint.  First, the texture layer shifted the drying paints a bit.  Second, the canvas board warped slightly while it dried.  This was the biggest factor in the the way the piece ended up.

The name ‘Rave’ just seemed appropriate.  Naming this kind of work can be a challenge.  On this one I was lucky because the word ‘rave’ popped into my head while I was contemplating a title.  It’s always nice when it works that way!