Spira (WhiteRosesArt.com)
Spira by Heather Miller

Title: Spira
Year: 2010
Size: 16″ x 20″

Spira was made using painter’s caulk and acrylic paint mounted on canvas.  

The Story:

Spira is clearly a simple mixed media painting, just white on white.  The medium is painter’s caulk.  It’s a medium that is not only really fun to work with but is also very durable.  Depending on how I protect the base (in this case canvas), these pieces can be hung in the bathroom without worrying about mildew or other water damage.  They can also be easily cleaned.  I say “can” because, depending on what else has been done to the piece, the cleaning could take off additional layers of paint.

Aside from the technical aspects, when I created this piece I was simply doodling with the caulk.  The spiral was actually made with my finger, no special tools.  What isn’t visible in the picture is the addition of a pearlized acrylic paint on many of the edges of the spiral.  The paint adds just a bit of a subtle shimmer to the piece.

The photograph was taken in my front yard.  I couldn’t get the lighting right in my studio (I didn’t own proper lighting equipment at the time).  The front of my house gets full sun for a portion of the day.  Conveniently, there are a few random screws that the previous owner installed in the brickwork.  Thankfully one of them was in the perfect place to hang the canvas in full sun.

The name Spira comes from the video game Final Fantasy X, it’s the name of the world the game takes place in.  Simple pieces like this are hard to name, and just naming it Spiral seemed a bit too obvious (and boring).   I toyed with a few options, but I liked Spira the best.  It’s an obvious nod to the piece being a spiral but sounds a lot nicer.  Oddly, when I named the piece, I didn’t even remember what the world in FFX was named.  I think my husband may have pointed that out.