Vintage Rose by Heather Miller of WhiteRoses Art
Vintage Rose by Heather Miller

Title: Vintage Rose
Size:  10 1/4″ x 8 1/2″ x 3/4″ (art = 5″ x 7″)
Year: 2016

Vintage Rose was made using acrylic paint on canvas board.  It comes framed without glass.

The Story:

Vintage Rose has to be one of my favorite pieces.  The subtle colors remind me of vintage rose paintings which often feature subtle, muted hues. The gold frame really accents this pieces beautifully.  I actually can’t take much credit for this piece.  It was entirely an accident of the process I used.

This was one of many pieces made using the leftover paint from Not Crayons.  Drip paintings are messy and produce a lot of excess paint runoff.  I use old cookie sheets in my studio for a lot of different reasons – catching the runoff from drip paintings is one of them.  Rather than discarding the excess paint, I use it for other works.

When the paint falls into the tray, it’s a rather lovely work of art in & of itself.  To try to capture this, I set smaller canvas boards & papers face-down into the paint.  Using a palette knife, I carefully lift the canvas board off the paint.  The results are always surprising.  Vintage Rose was done after the leftover paints started to mix.  When I picked this one up & flipped it over, I was surprised at how muted the colors were….they didn’t look that muted when I set the canvas into them.

I bought a gold frame for Double Rainbow.  When this piece dried, I took Double Rainbow out of its frame so I could test it on Vintage Rose.  I loved the way it looked so I bought a second one.  It comes framed without glass because of the thickness of the canvas board. By buying regular frames, I save a ton of money over custom framing.  That does mean that the glass has to be removed though.  If you’d like to buy this piece without the frame, I’m happy to deduct the frame cost & sell you just the canvas board.