An Encounter At Sea

An Encounter at Sea

An Encounter at Sea – an abstract painting by Heather Miller

Price:  $85.00
Size:   (canvas board = 9″ x 12″)
Year:  2017

An Encounter at Sea was made using acrylic paint, ink, latex paint, and varnish on canvas panel.  It comes framed without glass.

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The Story:

An Encounter at Sea is an abstract painting that I was convinced was a lost cause.  What you see here is about 4 coats of a variety of paints applied at very different times.  The first piece just failed miserably to be anything noteworthy so I painted over it.  The second was no better.  The third attempt looked really interesting wet but when it dried the colors became very dull.  You can still that attempt peaking through.

The final application of paint was out of frustration.  It’s technically the runoff paint from another piece….or two.  Attempt 3 had received a coat of a gloss varnish in hopes that the once vibrant colors might reappear.  They did not.  I was, however, curious as to how well more paint would take to the glossy finish.  The blues and blacks are acrylics mixed with pouring medium.  The white is actually Rustoleum’s glossy white latex.  The whole piece, while wet, was sprayed with isopropyl alcohol (which can create interesting effects with paint).  I didn’t hold out much hope for the results.

I posted a picture of it to Instagram and was surprised by the reaction.  The title was inspired by a comment it received.  The individual pointed out that it seemed like you were looking down into water and the the black areas resembled fish swimming around each other.  It does so I decided to call it An Encounter at Sea to lead views to that conclusion too.

An Encounter at Sea


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