Beyond by Heather Miller |

Beyond is an abstract painting  by Heather Miller, WhiteRose’s Art

Price: $55.00
Size: 9.5″ x 7.75″ x 1″
(canvas board = 5″ x 7″)
Year: 2016

Beyond was created using spray paint and paint markers on canvas board.  It comes framed without glass.

[NOTE: Shipping, if required, will be invoiced separately]
This piece is currently on exhibition at Artomatic 2017 in Crystal City, Virginia until May 7, 2017.

The Story:

Beyond started life as a simple abstract painting made with spray paint.  I used several shades of blue spray paint with a hint of silver added in.  During the drying process, the paints blended much more than anticipated.  It’s a beautiful piece but very subtle.  Since it is such a small piece I knew I had to do something more to it.

There is something about Beyond that makes me think of the depths of space. At the time I made this piece I was playing a lot of No Man’s Sky, a video game about space exploration.  I’m fairly certain that played a role in my decision to draw a planet & stars on the piece. Those elements were drawn on with a paint marker.  This was my first time using paint marker over spray paint but I think it come out very well.

Finding a frame for this piece was no small task.  I have multiple types of ‘test frames’ in my studio that I use to try out colors and styles.  I had an old silver frame that I tried on a lark.  It fit the piece surprisingly well.  Finding a new silver frame proved to be something of a challenge.  The one you see pictured turned out even better than the original.  The light and contrast of the frame combined with the grungy texture screams “sci-fi” to me.  I love it when a frame really adds a new dimension to a piece and I think this one does.

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