Title: Boho Chic
Price:  $85.00
Size: 9.5″ x 7.5″ x .75″
(canvas board = 4″ x 6″)
Year: 2016

Boho Chic was made using spray paint on canvas board.  It comes framed without glass.

The Story:

Boho Chic is meant to be a fun piece that evokes summer concerts like Coachella.  The bright pink, coral, and white (from the frame) remind me of the colors I often see in pictures from shows like that.  The gold was added because so many of the women at those shows wear an abundance of jewelry.

It’s ok if you think that’s kind of a stretch.  I don’t know why, but I now associate gold, coral, pink, and white with summer concerts.  I’ve never been to Coachella.  I honestly haven’t been to a summer concert many years. But yet, when I look at this piece, I think of young celebrities at Coachella.  I blame Instagram for this…..and Twitter.  I saw a lot of photos from Coachella & other such events on my social media feeds this year for some reason.

This piece, like the others in this style, are a lot of fun to make.  Over-spraying spray paint on canvas board always produces somewhat unexpected results.  This piece has a few bubbles but I wish it had more.  I love texture in artwork.  The metallic gold spray paint is a very shiny metallic gold so it really glistens in the right light.  The other colors were high-gloss paints so the piece has an overall polish the is reminiscent of its name  – at least in my head.