Title: Cascade
Price: $85.00
Size: 9.75″ x 7.75″
Year: 2016

Cascade was created using acrylic paint on a 4″ x 6″ canvas board.  It comes framed without glass.

The Story:

Cascade is a small but beautiful work featuring a cascade of paint.  It features a variety of rich, vibrant blue acrylic paints with accents of gold.  There are small flecks of blue and yellow paints to add a bit of extra interest.

I love working with blues and purples.  The blue color palette was my base but I knew I needed an accent.  I’m personally drawn to silver tones so for that reason, I decided to go for the gold (ha).

I don’t like getting into color ruts to rather than work in a color palette I’m 100% in love with, I like to challenge myself. It’s interesting to see what happens with I make myself uncomfortable with color choices.

To create the overall look, I used an unconventional tool:  a bamboo skewer.  I have a large pack of them in my studio for…..reasons (which I’ve long forgotten).  In this case, I ran it vertically back & forth to mix the over-poured paint achieving the look you see here.  It’s a bit hard to explain but it’s a very simple technique.

I used a lot of paint on this little canvas board.  As a result, the piece also has a nice but subtle texture.  It has been sealed with polyurethane to protect it.

The frame is oversized to add more visual weight to the piece.  I tried several thinner frames but I’ve learned that small works often need big frames to really come to life.  As always, the glass was removed because it isn’t something that’s needed for a piece like this.  I find the glass just creates glare that takes away from paintings like this.