Price: $130.00
Size: 14″ x 14″
Year: 2017

Dahlia was created using acrylic paint, painters caulk, silicone oil, pouring medium, and varnish on canvas board. It comes framed in gold without glass. 

More about this painting:

Dahlia is an abstract mixed media painting with a bohemian color palette and lots of rich texture. This painting started as a very different textured painting but I over mixed and the colors blended to much. I’m not one to waste things so I painted over it.

I had never done a pour painting over a textured surface so I honestly wasn’t sure how it would work.  The pouring medium is rather thick so the paint held its cells while drying.  The white was translucent enough that a small amount of blue from the previous painting is visible in certain areas. It gives the piece a nice unexpected color range.

I titled this piece Dahlia after the flower. I had no idea what to title the piece so I did a Google search for “coral color”.  Within the image results were flowers including a breed of dahlias this piece is named after. I didn’t want to get overly specific with the actual breed though so I just stuck with the common name.

This painting comes framed in gold without glass. The painting has a slight gloss to it which the glass interferes with. The textured nature of the painting would be lost under glass so I removed it.  If you dislike my framing choice, I’m happy to sell the painting unframed, with the cost deducted. Since this is a canvas board, the painting does need a frame to hang. The canvas board is 12″ x 12″ so custom framing isn’t necessary if you’d like to reframe it.