Deep Space by Heather Miller |
Deep Space by Heather Miller

Title: Deep Space
Price:  $175.00
Size: 16″ x 20″ (with frame: 17.25″ x 21.25″ x 1″)
Year: 2016

Deep Space was created with spray paint, polyurethane, and glitter on canvas.  The piece comes framed without glass.

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The Story:

Deep Space is one of the first pieces I created since deciding to focus more on abstract painting & sculpting.  My chosen medium here is spray paint on canvas.  I don’t have a studio that can accommodate indoor spray painting so I do work like this outside in my backyard.  There isn’t a lot of technique to a piece like this.  You start with a single color of spray paint and over-spray the canvas until it’s very wet.  Then you use a variety of other colors holding the spray paint cans very close to the canvas.  The colors begin to blend and run into each other on their own.  By spraying over the top of earlier colors repeatedly you get very interesting effects like you see above.

I used several colors of spray paint including metallic gold and metallic silver.  I decided to sprinkle in some black glitter before the spray paint dried to finish off the piece.  I wanted to add a textural element but also wanted to add in some hints of black.  Once dry, the piece was coated with glossy polyurethane finish.  The piece comes framed as show but without glass.  I think glass detracts from this kind of work as it masks the subtle variations in gloss finishes of the spray paint.