Fire Dragon

Price: $130.00
Size: 14″ x 14″
Year: 2017

Fire Dragon was created using acrylic paint, pouring medium, silicone oil, and varnish on canvas board. It comes framed in black without glass.

More about this painting:

Fire Dragon is a abstract acrylic pour painting. It was the first painting where I used silicone oil to create cells.  The color palette was simple, bright red, orange, yellow, and gold acrylic paints.  The gold largely disappeared but there is a touch of shimmer in a few areas.

When I first did the pour the colors where vivid and the cells were enormous. As I tipped the canvas board to get full coverage the cells became smaller.  I actually thought this piece would be a failure. While it was wet, there was no visible dragon shape. I tucked into my drying rack and quietly hoped I didn’t just waste a lot of paint and pouring medium.

The next day I checked it and was surprised by the clear dragon made of yellow paint.  The shrinking cells no longer were an issue since the dragon form more than made up for that.  It also made the process of coming up with a title a bit trivial.  Accidental shapes are what make pour paintings so much fun to do but also amazingly frustrating.

This painting comes framed in black, without glass.  Liquitex’s pouring medium is a bit shiny on it’s own as well as dimensional so the glass was not only unneeded but really detracted from the painting. The frame can be removed, and the cost deducted, if you’d like to frame it yourself. Since this is a canvas board, it does require a frame in order to hang it.