Fire in the Night

Price: $85.00
Size: 8″ x 10″ framed
Year: 2017

Fire in the Night was created with acrylic paint, silicone oil, & pouring medium on canvas board. Comes framed without glass.

More about this painting:

Fire in the Night is an abstract painting created in tandem with a slightly larger piece (Trick or Treat).  I created the larger one first, but as always, mixed entirely too much paint.  Both are flow paintings so the measurements are never exacting.  I was actually pretty close this time so I added a bit of yellow paint to ensure that I covered the canvas board.

This painting started with a liberal coat of black paint.  Then I randomly poured each of the remaining colors.  One of the orange paints has a shimmery finish to it for some added interest.  There’s also a bit of silver glitter paint in the mix too.  The yellow went on last.  I then used a large flat putty knife to swipe over the whole painting creating large black cells throughout.

The painting comes framed in a large black frame.  Due to the thickness & the semi-gloss finish of the paint, there is no glass in the frame.  If you’d like the purchase the painting without the frame, I’m happy to deduct its cost from the selling price. Since this is a canvas board, it will need a frame to hang. The canvas board measures 5″ x 7″ so it will be easy to find a frame if you don’t want to go the frame shop route.