Price: $85.00
Size: 8″ x 10″ (art = 5″ x 7″)
Year: 2017

Gemini was created using acrylic paint, pouring medium, silicone oil, and varnish on canvas board. Comes framed in white, without glass.

More About This Painting:

Gemini is an abstract acrylic pour painting created for the 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge in September 2017.  It’s companion piece is Dahlia.  Many of my paintings have companions because I frequently mix too much paint for just a single piece.

For the painting challenge, I decided to really play & experiment with color palettes.  This palette was actually inspired by my Etsy stats oddly enough.  I discovered a lot of people were coming to my shop based on the search terms “coral colored art.”  I happen to love that color so I had several paints in that color family on-hand.

Both Gemini and Dahlia were pour paintings that also used the swipe technique. After doing the initial pour, you take one color (white in the case) and swipe it across the rest of the pour.  It makes the beautiful lacy cell structure you see. I used coral, orange, and white acrylic paints, combined with pouring medium so it has a slightly glossy finish.

This painting comes framed in white without glass.  Glass tends to detract from these paintings as they have a natural gloss finish.  The frame can be removed, and the cost deducted, if you’d like to frame it yourself. This is a canvas board so a frame is required for it to hang.