Title: Importance
Price: $85.00
Year:  2016
Size:  11″ x 14″

Importance was created using acrylic paint on canvas.

The Story:

Importance was created using multiple layers of acrylic paint to create unusual textures.  It began with the sides of the canvas being wrapped in painter’s tape, creating a tray-like effect.  This allowed me to pour large amounts of paint into the canvas without it spilling over the sides.

I used many pastel colors, which had been thinned with water or acrylic varnish.  I poured the paints onto the canvas and then gently rocked the canvas back & forth.  That part was something of a failure.  The colors didn’t mix the way I wanted them to, but the great part about paint is that you can always paint over it.  I took the blowdryer, on its highest settings, and held it just above the paint.  I moved from area to area like this at random.  Rather than drying to dry the piece, I was forcing the paint to move while it dried, creating ripples and cracks.

It took almost 2 days for paint that think to dry completely.  Once it did, I covered it in gesso.  Rather than paint with a comfortable color palette, I went back to the light pastels I chose originally (for the most part).  To add a bit of extra interest, I took a nylon mesh bag and cut it so it laid flat.  I dipped into paint I put onto a piece of aluminum foil.  Then I carefully placed it on the canvas in three places.

The title is a reminder to myself of the importance of not getting stuck in a rut when it comes to color palettes.  I tend to prefer blues, teals, and purples so using pinks, corals, golds, and beige was a big step outside my comfort zone.