Monochromatic In Thirds

Monochromatic In Thirds (

Monochromatic In Thirds by Heather Miller

Price: $40.00
Year: 2013
Size: 12″ x 4″ x ~2″ (per panel)

Monochromatic in Thirds was made using painter’s caulk, ink, and beads on canvas.

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The Story:

Monochromatic In Thirds was the first multi-part work I had done.  I purchased these canvases, which came as a set of 3, long before I actually used them.  After completing Royal Elven Armor, Post Arrow, I wanted to do another piece using the same basic color scheme (or lack thereof I suppose).

I began by applying painter’s caulk to the panels.  I had placed them directly against one other so they design would overlap.  I then brushed black and French gray inks into the caulk.  Using different brushes, I added some varying texture elements to the caulk.  Then I inlaid beads.  I carefully separated the panels & removed any excess caulk from the sides.  I painted the sides of the canvas black.  The entire piece was then sealed to protect it.

Each piece has a hanging device.  I can easily change it so that the pieces can hang horizontally.  I often display this piece in a stepped pattern rather than lined up neatly.

That’s it really.  Not all my pieces have a story.  This was simply doodling in three dimensions – kind of theme all my work has to be honest.

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