Title: Rough Seas
Price: $250.00
Size: 17.25″ x 21.25″ x 1″
Year: 2016

Rough Seas was made using latex paint, acrylic paint, and spray paint on canvas.  Framed without glass.

The Story:

Rough Seas was an utter joy to create.  I started by spray painting the canvas teal. While it was wet, I used some white spray paint which causes a feathering effect. Before anything could dry, I poured latex paint in onto the canvas.  Using a compressed air can (the kind used to clean keyboards) to move the paint around the canvas.  The latex paint wasn’t thinned in any way.  Since it’s much thicker than acrylic or spray paint, it creates a deep pits and valleys.

The gold paint used in this piece is a metallic acrylic paint.  I used both gloss and matte finish spray paints.  The latex was a semi-gloss.  The combination means that some areas are much shinier than others.  This adds considerably to the depth and interest of the piece.  I did not seal the piece in any way as this would have diminished the combination of gloss, semi-gloss, and matte finishes.  However, the latex and spray paints used are extremely durable paints and will hold up to normal wear.

The piece comes with a basic black frame without glass due to the texture.