Sedimentary Paint

$55.00 usd
9.5″ x 7.5″ (art= 5″ x 7″)

Sedimentary Paint is an abstract painting created using acrylic paints and white latex paint on canvas board.  It comes framed in gold without glass.

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The Story:

Sedimentary Paint is a small piece created with the overflow paint from Hesitant Pride. Flow paintings require loads of excess paint so I catch that & dip canvases & such into it.  That’s easier to do when the paint is all acrylic but for this piece I used a combination of latex & acrylic.  Latex, being much more dense, doesn’t take well to dip painting.  Since Hesitant Pride is round, it also made catching the overflow paint much more difficult.  I ended up scraping a lot of the paint up off the desk with a spatula.  After a time I realized that I should try to put that paint on a canvas board, just to see what would happen.

When the canvas board was full, I was convinced the piece would be a failure.  It was primarily brown with only subtle hints of color here & there.  The large white area was me emptying the last of the white in one big dollop assuming this was a lost cause.  Two days later I checked on it & was pretty shocked at how cool it turned out.  When you mix paint types, the variety of chemical formulas react in unusual ways.  This was what makes this type of abstract painting so interesting – even the artist won’t know what it will look like until it dries.  In this case, all the previously unseen colors found a way to peak through.

The name Sedimentary Paint is a nod to geology.  The layers of paint in this piece are very reminiscent of sedimentary rock formations which made it easy to name.  I always love it when a piece has such an obvious title!

Sedimentary Paint, Heather Miller, WhiteRosesArt