The Sorceress (
The Sorceress by Heather Miller

Title: The Sorceress
No longer available
Year: 2013
Size:  9″ x 9″ x 6.5″ (approx.)

The Sorceress was created using plastic skulls, beads, pendants, acrylic paint, Sharpie markers (silver), and spray paint mounted in a wood box.  This comes ready to hang on your wall.

The Story:

The Sorceress was the last large skull I completed before taking a hiatus from creating art.  She’s my favorite piece to date because she’s my most elaborate.  I really wanted to push myself when I created her.  I felt that my Day of the Dead pieces had become a bit stale and uninspired.  At the time of writing (Feb. 28, 2016), I haven’t done any new skulls, although I have some plans.  However, each time I look at her I think “there’s no way I can top that.”  I guess time will tell.

When I started out, I painted the skull black.  My plan was to mount her in a frame like all the others.  I happen to have a few of these boxes – purchased for some forgotten reason – and happened to set her inside of one while some of the paint was drying.  It was just a random occurrence; I needed a place to set her down and the box was a safe place.  That’s when I realized that she fit in the box rather nicely.  I had a vague notion that I wanted to put a dimensional headdress on her already.  I was worried that creating a headdress like that would be a nightmare since all the items would be easily dislodged in my standard frame.  The box solved that problem very nicely.

The box is painted black on the outside and, as you can see, white on the inside.  Surrounding the box are little plastic skulls which were spray painted white, black, or silver.  Their eyes are painted with acrylic paint.  Originally I hadn’t planned on using the little silver skulls with the red eyes but after mounting all the black and white skulls, I though the spaces between them were a bit empty.

The Sorceress herself is a bit of synchronicity.  I already had all the beads, bobbles, and skulls that adorn her.  The round white and black beads worked out perfectly.  Those come in a mix of many colors of beads so I was lucky to find enough black and white ones to make a symmetrical design.   The rest of the piece just fell in line after that.  Perhaps one of these days I’ll finish the rest of the skulls I have lying around.

Sadly, The Sorceress was broken during her last showing.  The art gallery dropped the piece.  Rather than calling me, they inexplicably attempted to fix it themselves.  This resulted in irreparable damage to the piece.