Heather Miller Art

Current Artwork

I’m Heather Miller. I’ve been an exhibiting artist since 2008. Currently I focus on abstract painting and mixed media pieces.

Mixed Media Work by Heather Miller, WhiteRose's Art

Mini Paintings by Heather Miller, WhiteRosesArt

I began my journey exhibiting art in 2008.  My focus prior to that was digital art.  During my 4 years of art school, I experimented with many mediums including assemblage, sculpture, photography, and painting. This page showcases both current and former works.

Retired Themes & Mediums

Day of the Dead Art by Heather Miller

Cardboard Dragons by Heather Miller Art

Before I began exhibiting art, I created mods for video games like The Sims 2. You can still browse those mods on my site RetailSims.com

Thanks for checking out my art!  My creative journey has taken me to so many creative places over the years.  I look forward to where it takes me next!

Heather Miller Art