Original Artwork Is Free:

Remaining Originals are now FREE for pickup in Vienna, VA (at the farm I work at). Donations appreciated but NOT required. Contact me with the title of piece(s) you would like.  I will confirm their condition (they’re in climate controlled storage but things happen) before we arrange a pickup date & time.

Prints & other items can be purchased from:

Society 6  Society 6:  https://society6.com/whiterosesart

Zazzle  Zazzle:  http://www.zazzle.com/WhiteRosesArt

Why is the physical art free?

I lost my husband to suicide in January 2019.  I lost my home, my studio, and my life shortly thereafter.  I have found an amazing, although unexpected, new job on a small family farm.  I LOVE my job but farming doesn’t pay the ‘big bucks’ as they say.  I’ve been paying for a storage area since 2019 and each year the rent goes up.  Most of that storage area is artwork and I really need cut my expenses.  I’ve cut everything else, now it’s the storage area’s turn.

My artwork is free because I hate to throw it out.  Unless people take it or I can find a charity that will, it will go in the trash.  I would appreciate donations of course, but if you’re also not in a fantastic position financially, I totally understand.  I’d rather give my work away for free than send it to a landfill!

Picking Up Artwork

Once you tell me what piece(s) you would like, I will drive to my storage area in Fairfax to get them.  Once I confirm their condition we can arrange a pickup date and time in Vienna, VA at the farm I work at.  I don’t want to give the farm’s name out since the artwork isn’t anywhere close to the farm and the farm stand is closed until May 29.  I don’t people randomly showing up.

My art is currently in storage in a climate controlled storage area so it should all be just fine.  The few pieces I’ve dug out recently were in perfect condition but I do want to confirm that condition before we arrange a pickup date & time.  Most of the art was packed very well, I think, but honestly, I wasn’t really in a good place at the time so who knows.

Donations (NOT required!)

If you can donate, I accept cash, PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp.  Donations are NOT required and I will not judge anyone who takes my art for free.  You’re doing me, and the environment, a big favor by taking it.