The Intergalactic Series

This series of paintings is all about my love of deep space. My series is about areas of deep space, as well as planets, that might exist in a fictional universe.  I let the flow of the paint dictate what I add.  Sometimes it might be just stars, another time an asteroid belt.  This will be an ongoing series  so I’ll be adding more to the collection regularly.

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Space has always fascinated me.  When I was kid, my dad took me to see Star Wars at the dollar movie theater dozens of time. The first time I saw a sign that said “Space For Rent” my heart skipped a beat with excitement since I entirely misinterpreted what it meant.  I was SO disappointed!

I decided I really wanted to me an astronomer but, as it turns out, I wasn’t great at math. Technically I found out at the end of my junior year of high school, I’m fine at algebra just bad at arithmetic but the damage was done. I gave up on astronomy, and science in general, since so much of youth centered around my frustration with math.

I still keep up with the news from the world of astronomy from time to time.  I’m definitely a fan of sci-fi novels & space themed video games to this day. It’s funny to me that my love of deep space has come full circle after all these years!  I hope you enjoy my Intergalactic series.

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