The Intergalactic Series

In 2016 I created 3 paintings with a vague space theme.  Late in 2017 I decided to use them as a basis for a new series of paintings called Intergalactic.  This will be an ongoing series since I really enjoy working with the theme.  I hope you enjoy my little deep space abstracts.

Space has always fascinated me.  When I was kid, my dad took me to see Star Wars at the dollar movie theater dozens of time. The first time I saw a sign that said “Space For Rent” my heart skipped a beat with excitement since I entirely misinterpreted what it meant!  I decided I really wanted to me an astronomer.

It was a fascination right up through high school, where I learned I wasn’t good at math. Sadly it wasn’t exactly true, but no one bothered to tell me I was just bad at arithmetic until I was a junior but the damage was done.  I gave up on astronomy, and science in general, since so much of youth centered around my frustration with math.  I still keep up with the news from the world of astronomy from time to time.  I’m definitely a fan of sci-fi novels & space themed video games to this day!