Title: Aqueous Cuprum
Price: $175.00
Size: 17.75″ round
Year: 2018

Aqueous Cuprum was created with acrylic paint, pouring medium, and silicone oil on a pine board.  It comes wired and ready-to-hang.

More about this painting:

Aqueous Cuprum is an abstract acrylic pour painting. It’s the first addition to the Intergalactic series meant to be a planet rather than an image from a fictional part of deep space.

This landmasses on this planet were created with 2 colors of green paint and metallic copper paint. The pouring medium I used dries matte but still allows for the metallic sheen of the copper to come through.  There are many ‘pits and valleys’ in the paint giving it a nice amount of depth and interest.

The water was created with 2 colors of blue mixed with white. The pouring medium used with these paints dries glossy and is raised up a bit higher than the ‘landmasses’ are.

This painting was done on a pine board with beveled edges.  Those edges were painted black but there visible drips from where the paint overflowed.  I’ve provided a side view of the piece to show that.

Pine is very lightweight wood so this piece doesn’t need anything special to hang from.  A standard nail or screw is all it needs.  It comes wired and ready-to-hang.