Title: It’s Full Of Stars
Price: $350
Size: 24″ x 20″
Year: 2017

It’s Full of Stars was created using acrylic paint, pouring medium, silicone oil, pigment powder, and high gloss varnish on canvas.

More About This Painting:

It’s Full of Stars is an abstract pour painting featuring an outer space theme.  It features rich deep blues accented by teal and white.  It features a high gloss finish.

Rather than a straight acrylic pour, I added to the mix a bit of pure pigment powder.  Pigment powder doesn’t play well with pouring medium, leaving interesting bits of texture.  This was not done by accident.

When the painting dried, I took white, light blue, magenta, and yellow acrylic paints & created the stars where the pigment powder had dried. The bumps from the powder were concentrated along the side and bottom of the painting.  Most of the stars are white but the other colors were added in to mimic the various types of stars in the night sky.

The last addition was the moon-like planet.  There was a large dark area that really needed to have something added but there weren’t any pigment bumps.  The planet seemed like a natural addition.