Title: Nebula
Price: $250.00
Size: 17.25″ x 21.25″
Year: 2016

Nebula is an abstract painting created with latex paint, spray paint, and polyurethane on a 16″ x 20″ canvas.  It comes framed without glass.

More About This Painting:

Nebula started out with a very different color scheme than what you see.  Originally I was using green, yellow, and teal latex paint.  I finally decided I just didn’t like the direction the piece was going – or the colors I was using.  While it was still wet, I sprayed over the piece with teal and white spray paints.  In the center I used metallic silver and deep blue spray paints.

Painting over wet paint, especially a different type of paint, is a guaranteed way of getting super interesting texture.  As this  piece dried, bubbles began bursting all over the piece, but with a heavy concentration at the center.  As they popped, they became little windows to the paint colors underneath.  Latex paint is much thicker than spray paint which created even more texture as some areas are very thick.

It took many days for this to fully dry – many days.  I let it sit for at least a week after I thought it was fully dry to be extra sure.  Once I was, I coated the entire piece with a gloss polyurethane finish to protect it.  This is the kind of piece you’ll be tempted to touch so I wanted to make sure it had a little extra protection.