Title: The Siriaenus Formation
Price: $100.00
Size: 12.25″ x 12.25″
Year: 2018

The Siriaenus Formation was created using acrylic paint, latex paint, pouring medium, silicone oil, and high gloss varnish on canvas. It comes framed without glass.

More about this painting:

The Siriaenus Formation was created to be a part of my Rainbow Series. Clearly that didn’t work out.  When it dried, I realized that it was really a much better fit for the Intergalactic Series.

The white paint I used in this painting mixed so beautifully with the other colors (magenta, teal, and neon yellow) that it looked strikingly like a gaseous formation in deep space.  I didn’t want to add too much to this piece so I only painted in some stars.  All the stars were painted in metallic paints.

The finish on this painting is a high gloss acrylic varnish.  It really makes the colors pop.  Because of that, the painting is framed but does not include the glass.  Putting glass over a highly glossy piece makes it almost invisible in most lighting conditions (glare on glare is bad) so I don’t include it.

The title (pronounced ‘Siri – ah – nus’) is a made up word from an ill-fated project many years ago.  I created numerous names for places, characters, and things but never used them.  At least not until I started creating art – now they’re pretty handy!