Title: Water World
No Longer Available
Size: 17.75″ x 1″ deep
Year: 2017

Water World is an abstract painting that was created using acrylic paint, pouring medium, and Floetrol on a round pine board.

More about this painting:

Water World is an abstract pour painting on a round wooden board. It was one of my first attempts at doing a pour painting. It was also one of my first to use something called Floetrol.

The mix for this painting did an odd thing.  The white sections are the exposed, but gessoed, wood beneath the paint.  When the painting was wet, this looked simply like white paint (which I did use).  However, I did pour on some unmixed Floetrol which dries clear.  The white areas are actually just the clear Floetrol.

The end result of the painting turned out rather interesting. Those white areas reminded me of glacial ice. The overall blue color scheme and round shape made it look like a far off planet in space, hence the name. The movie of the same title didn’t actually occur to me until someone pointed it out.  I completely forgot about that movie honestly.

In 2018 I painted over this painting to create Aqueous Curprum.  Water World was a wonderful painting but ultimately something felt off about it.  I had envisioned only adding some ‘land masses’ to this painting but in the end it was a complete repaint.