Title: Waterfall Nebula
Price: $100.00
Size: 12.25″ x 12.25″ x 1″
Year: 2018

Waterfall Nebula was created using acrylic paint, pouring medium, silicone oil, and high gloss varnish on canvas. It comes framed in black metal without glass.

More about this painting:

Waterfall Nebula is an abstract painting that’s part of the my ongoing Intergalactic Series. This fictional piece of deep space features a cascade of blues, purples & white on a dark bluish-gray background.  It’s accented with a variety of stars.

This painting turned out to be a bit difficult.  I have little control over how a pour painting turns out.  This is both a blessing and curse.  My hope for this painting was very different than it turned out.  I had wanted a much smaller area of color than it has.  For that reason I nearly scrapped it.

When I have a painting that doesn’t turn out like I plan, I’ve learned to just tuck it away for a while.  This painting sat in a draw for over a month, at least, before I could see it for what it was, rather than what I hoped it would be.  Even then, it wasn’t until I had the thought “what am I going to do with this weird waterfall of color” that my inspiration hit.

The painting had it’s title before a single star was painted on.  Usually that works in reverse.  Instead of adding in planets, moons, or asteroids, I only added in some stars.  Any more than that and it would have been too crowded. It’s finished with a high gloss varnish which really makes the colors pop and is the reason I take the glass out of the frame. Gloss on gloss detracts too much from pieces like this.