Metal & Tech Art Galleries

Works For Sale can only be purchased from Etsy or directly through me.

The Metal & Tech Art found in the galleries above offers unique challenges for me.  The Metal Art featured here is made either of recycled materials, like the soda can pull tabs, or of brand new, mass-produced items, like the grinding wheels.  Finding enough pull tabs is always an issue.  Finding a good adhesive is a major issue.  The inspiration for the metal art largely depends on the materials I’ve used for a projects.

The Tech Art is made using recycled electronics, most of them things I used to own, were salvaged from friends, and in a few cases, salvaged from the side of the road on trash day. Disassembling old electronics is often difficult due to stripped screws – frequently teeny tiny stripped screws.  Overcoming my knowledge of what the components do can sometimes interfere with my ability to see them artistically – although less of a problem now that I haven’t been involved with tech for many years.

Starting in January of 2016, I have been writing the ‘story’ of each of my pieces.  When you click on an image you’ll not just find the standard art info like year, size, and medium, but you’ll also get to read about what inspired me to create it, how it was made, the challenges I faced, and other information.

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