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You can purchase my work from Etsy. For pieces not yet listed, you will need to contact me directly to purchase (or to ask me to add a listing ASAP).

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All of my artwork is ready to hang in your home.  Each piece either comes with a basic frame or the sides of the piece have been finished so that will look great on your walls without a frame.

The Metal Art featured here is made either of recycled materials, like the soda can pull tabs, or new, mass-produced items, like the grinding wheels.  Metal Art always presents a lot of issues, which makes it both fun and frustrating to create.  Finding enough pull tabs, or the right adhesive, are both great examples of the challenges this work presents.  One is easily overcome with enough time, the other is a perpetual pain-in-the-rear.  The inspiration for the metal art largely depends on the materials I’ve used for a projects.

Tech Art is made using recycled electronics, most of them things I used to own, were salvaged from friends, and in a few cases, salvaged from the side of the road on trash day. The inspiration for my tech art pieces comes from the years I spent working in the lower levels of the computer industry.  My first “tech job” (har har) was as a sales person for Circuit City.  There I was certified as a ‘computer repair & upgrade technician’ (I no longer remember what their official designation was, but that’s what I did).  I left Circuit City to work for MicroCenter doing phone-based technical support.  Over time I earned two Microsoft certifications.  I also built several of my own computers.  A lot my Tech Art is made using my old computers and tech equipment.

Curious about how a piece was made?  Want to know where I found a particular material?  Please don’t hesitate to ask.  I’m more than happy to help you recreate any of the pieces here.

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