Mixed Media Archive

These are the abstract mixed media pieces that have sold. I have split this section up a bit.  To the right you’ll find menus for my sculpted pieces and my more experimental art.

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What’s the difference between Abstract Paintings & Abstract Mixed Media? Not all that much to be honest. In my case, these paintings tend to have lots of texture made with materials other than paint.  Anytime I use beads, metals, wax, or other materials to create a painting, I move it to this gallery. At the end of the day, this is really just to make the galleries a bit smaller so they the page loads faster.

The menu on the right has other galleries of works that have sold including all my sculpted work & the more experimental / assemblage variety of work.

Retired themes such as steampunk, metal & tech assemblage, the cardboard dragons, and my Day of the Dead art are now found in the main archives.