Gytov Blossoms by Heather Miller |
Gytov Blossoms by Heather Miller

Title: Gytov Blossoms
Year: 2013
Size: 8″ x 10″

Gytov Blossoms was created using painter’s caulk, acrylic paint, polymer clay, beads, and a felt cutout mounted on canvas board

The Story

Gytov Blossoms is a mixed media piece that was an experiment with painter’s caulk.  The floral shape in the center is a foam drink coaster.  I bought a pack of them in a few designs but wasn’t sure what to actually do with them.

Painter’s caulk is a very versatile medium.  For this piece, I mixed it with a purple ink.  I then used a different, but identical coaster, and brushed the purple caulk onto it.  I them repeated stamped it on the canvas board which was painted blue.

By itself, it was a bit dull.  I decided to take one of the unused coasters and mount it in the center. The painting still lacked something.  I took purple polymer clay and extruded it in the circle shape.  I then addd the dark yellow beads as an additional accent.