Title: Aftermath
Price: $175.00
Year: 2011
Size: 13″ x 25″ x 3″

Aftermath was created using computer fan guards, bolts, nuts, acrylic paint, and polyurethane on wood.  Can be hung vertically or horizontally.

The Story:

I decided to create Aftermath during a trip to MicroCenter.  They sell fan guards and for some reason those really caught my eye that day, though obviously not as fan guards.  I bought a few thinking they really weren’t all that expensive.  When you only buy a few, the price isn’t that bad.  When you use as many as I did, that becomes a giant problem.  The price of those fan guards is actually the bulk of the price of the Aftermath, huge part of the price.

In any event, once I purchased the first few, they actually just sat in my studio for a while.  Aftermath was not the original piece of artwork created with them.  Originally I created a fully 3-dimensional piece that hung from the ceiling.  That piece was actually exhibited twice before I finally dismantled it.  I realized that few people have places to display something like that – myself included.  That’s why the vast majority of my work is now wall mounted.

This left me, again, with fair amount of fan guards without a purpose.  I was laying them out in different configurations.  I wasn’t happy with any of the designs.  I cleared my work surface when I realized my problem.  I was placing them next to each other, but in the pile I just created, they all overlapped.  In that moment I realized they looked way cooler overlapped – and they also looked vaguely reminiscent of the ripples that form in the aftermath of a raindrop hitting the surface of still water.

I had a piece of MDF in my studio that held all the fan guards perfectly, at least in a test placement.  I sanded and painted the board.  The top is a layering of several shades of shimmering blue and teal acrylic paints.  The sides are painted black.  When the piece was finished, the back of the piece was also painted black.

The fan guards are mounted at a several different heights.  The tallest screws are 3.5″ tall.  I use nuts and washers to mount the fan guards to the boards.  I counter-sunk all the screws into the MDF which prevents any of the hardware from scratching up someone’s wall.  All the screws are held in place with adhesive (to prevent them from loosening over time).

Aftermath can actually hang vertically or horizontally.  Currently I have it configured as shown in the picture, hanging horizontally.  I will add photos of it hanging vertically soon.  After all these years, I’m beginning to think I like it better vertically.