Box of Remembrance (
Box Of Remembrance by Heather Miller

Title: Box of Remembrance
Year: 2013
Size:  4.5″ x 6.5″ x 3″

Box of Remembrance was created using plastic skulls, various jewelry components, acrylic gems, acrylic paint, and a LED tea light candle in a wooden box.  This is designed to hang on your wall but can also sit on a table.

The Story:

I’m wrote this story in 2016, the piece was created in 2013.  I did my best to remember the details.

Box of Remembrance is a piece that draws its inspiration directly from the major theme of Day of the Dead:  remembering loved ones who’ve passed on.  The LED tea light candle is mean to be ‘lit’ when reflecting upon the memories of the deceased.  The candle comes with the piece.

The box used for this piece is actually a jewelry box that had an acrylic sheet in the opening.  I removed the acrylic sheet and glued the lid in place.  I painted the interior and exterior black.  I chose simple accents to adorn the box because of the solemn nature of the piece.

Skulls (usually made of sugar) play a significant role in the aesthetics of the Day of the Dead.  While I usually decorate my skulls, I decided to stay with a more minimal approach for this piece.  Using a maroon paint on the skulls was a first for me.  Normally I used bright colors for my mini skulls.  I think the darker color really worked well though, a choice I’m still happy with.