The Guardian by Heather Miller |
The Guardian by Heather Miller

Title: The Guardian
Year: 2010-2016
Size: 6″ x 8″ ~5″

The Guardian was created using a paper mache skull, amethyst chips, rose quartz chips, and acrylic paint mounted on wood.

The Story:

The Guardian was originally created in 2010.  It was part of a large grouping called Spirits Remembered.  After the initial showing, I split the grouping up.

In 2016, I decided to finish off the remainder of the skulls and retire the theme.  This was one of the few pieces from that original set that remained unsold.  I still really liked him so I decided to give him a bit of a facelift.  My original skulls did not feature white teeth, I left them the same color that I painted the skull.  My later skulls had this feature, which brings them to life a bit more.  My first step for the facelift was to color in his teeth.  It’s amazing how something so relatively minor really changes the overall look of a piece.  Once the paint dried, I outlined them using a silver Sharpie marker.  The second part of the facelift I decided to many more amethyst and rose quartz gems.

I chose the name because I envisioned him as a temple guard.  He guards the vaults of kings and queens, brimming with gems & jewels.