Fractured Flame

Fractured Flame by Heather Miller | WhiteRosesArt
Fractured Flame by Heather Miller of WhiteRose’s Art

Title: Fractured Flame
Price: $60.00
Size: 11″ x 14″
Year: 2016

Fractured Flame was made using acrylic paint, painter’s caulk, and acrylic varnish on canvas.  The sides of the canvas have been finished in black.

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The Story:

Fractured Flame was the first piece I created using a piping bag…..the ones normally used for frosting.  Painter’s caulk has a buttercream-like texture so it works very well.  I’m no expert in piping frosting but I manage.  I purposely used a larger tip to create the wavy, fractured black lines.

Each section of the painting was done using a slightly different technique but the same basic colors.  In several of the sections I mixed the paint with acrylic varnish since I know from experience that it causes cracks to form in the paint.  I was hoping for a lot more cracking that what I ended up with though.  Still, the cracking adds interest to a rather chaotic piece.

I chose the name because of the color scheme.  You might think the choice was easy — it was not.  I stared at this piece for weeks trying to come up with a name.  I was outside staring at the giant fracture in the concrete slab that makes up my car port one night.  The fracture, for some reason, reminded me of this piece.  It’s strange how the mind works sometimes.