Title: Memories
Price:  $75.00
Size:  12″ x 12″ x 1″
Year:  2016

Memories was created using acrylic paint, painter’s caulk, resin embellishments, clear resin, paper, wood, metal embellishment, and an acrylic gem on a pre-printed canvas.

The Story:

Memories is an abstract mixed media painting that was was created, in part, as an experiment.  I have used painter’s caulk in many ways but never with a stencil.  Now I can say I have.  Aside from that, I just had fun creating the piece.  I didn’t have a super clear vision for this one.  Most of the components were actually purchased for other pieces, but they worked so well on this one, I couldn’t resist using them.

The canvas was already printed to look like newsprint.  When I saw it, and the gear stencil, I knew I had a perfect match.  I watered down some acrylic paint and used it to ‘age’ the canvas.  The painter’s caulk I used was white so I mixed in various brown acrylic paints and a touch of brown ink.  This thinned the caulk out a bit making it easier to brush over the stencil.  The stencil was pulled off the canvas the moment I was finished.

After the caulk was dry, I began arranging the other elements.  The mini picture frames were originally a pale, sea-foam green.  I painted them black and gold to accent the large black medallion. Inside the frames are two pieces of scrapbook paper.  One is a thick parchment, the other a pre-printed map.  I glued the mini key in place and then poured a clear resin into both frames.

I dry brushed a metallic copper over the gears to make them a bit more interesting.  I painted the wooden medallion with the same wash I used on the canvas.  The sides were down in a dark metallic brown.  I glued the bronze medallion in the center of the wood along with a small acrylic gem.