Royal Elven Armor, Post Arrow

Title: Royal Elven Armor, Post Arrow
Price: $75.00
Year: 2013
Size: 16″ x 20″

Royal Elven Armor, Post Arrow was created using painter’s caulk, ink, acrylic paint, and glass pieces on canvas.

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The Story:

This abstract painting started began with the title Royal Elven Armor.  Post Arrow was added as an attempt to save the piece after an unfortunate accident.

The piece was inspired by a piece of armor (shocking, right?) created by someone going by the name RoadStroker.  It was a mod for the video game Skyrim.  I would link to the armor but the author removed it unfortunately.  As you might have guessed, I loved that armor.  It was beautiful and my high level character could wear it and still look feminine (but not slutty).  I was heartbroken when I started playing the game again last year and found that the creator of the armor was nowhere to be found.

I started this piece by applying painter’s tape around the edges of the canvas.  I didn’t want this one to go edge to edge so this was the easiest way to accomplish that.  Then I applied a good coating of caulk.  I took one of my sculpting tools – or maybe it was a popsicle stick – and carved in the ‘waves’ of the lower portion.  I dripped ink onto the caulk while it was still wet & started to paint in the dark areas.  I didn’t want it to be a uniform color so it was a matter of going over a spot repeatedly to get to the darker shades.  I set in the glass pieces & let it dry.  Before I coated it in varnish, I painted in many of the divots in the white area with a light gray.

You may be wondering how the post arrow part got added.  I was getting my work ready to install at [email protected] in 2013.  This was to be Royal Elven Armor’s first showing. I do test layouts, at home, before installing at the show.  During a test layout I knocked my display table over & it pierced Royal Elven Armor.  Rather than throwing the piece out, I attached a small, thin piece of wood to the back of the canvas (to prevent further tearing).  I then painted dark red acrylic paint into and around the hole.  Using an eye dropper, I dripped water onto the paint to cause it to run.

“But why ‘post arrow’ and not post axe or something?”  One of the more famous parts of Skyrim is a line commonly said by various town guards:  “I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the knee.”  Hence my wounded work also became ‘injured’ by an arrow.