Sculpted Art Archives

I’ve been sculpting for a very long time.  I started back in the 1990s when Fimo & Sculpey first became available in the area I lived.  I stopped sculpting for many years.  It wasn’t until art school in 2008 that I really picked it up again.  Since that time I’ve also added PaperClay into the mix.

Sadly, this is a theme that I do very rarely do to health issues which affect my hands.

Sculpted Art is a section that encompasses many types of clay to create 3-dimensional sculptures for your wall.  The materials you will find here include polymer clay, paper clay, air-dry clay, or painter’s caulk.  Ink, paint, beads, and other materials are frequently added in to make unique, dimensional wall sculptures.  I think of these pieces as “doodling in 3-dimensions.”  They’re fun to make and hopefully you’re having fun looking at them!  sculpted art archives


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