Bold (
Bold by Heather Miller Art

Title: Bold
Year: 2011
Size: 5″ x 7″

Bold was made using polymer clay, beads, and acrylic paint on canvas board.

The Story:

Bold was created for [email protected] 2011.  I created several polymer clay pieces for that show.  Most of them were brightly colored pieces.  I try to challenge myself with different color palettes periodically.  This piece was one of those challenges.  Most of the polymer clay pieces I created for this show featured the design place directly in the center of the board.  When I started this one I wanted a dark color palette that was off-centered.

Another difference with this piece, compared to the others, is that this piece is not one tight mass of clay & beads.  There are also a few spirals that are very 3-dimensional (you can see through them from the side).  These two differences created their own interesting challenges.  First, the 3D spirals had to be thick enough so they wouldn’t fall flat during baking.  Second, polymer clay is generally pretty strong.  The section that starts out with red curls, however, is thin enough that it was very fragile.  I bake my polymer clay on a thin sheet of aluminum then glue the piece to the canvas board.  Popping the finished piece off the aluminum was very nerve-wracking!  As you can see, it came together without a hitch.

The background was created by dripping red & black acrylic paint onto a canvas board.  I raked a plastic hair comb through the paint giving the surface dramatic, textured lines.  The entire piece was then sealed and framed.