Curled Water (
Curled Water by Heather Miller Art

Title: Curled Water
Year: 2011
Size: 5″ x 7″

Curled Water was made using polymer clay and a variety of beads, glass pieces, and a small mirror mounted onto a canvas board painted with acrylic paint.

The Story:

Curled Water is part of a set of pieces based on the elements.  I didn’t decide to write the ‘story’ of my pieces until 2016.  I created this series in 2011 and I honestly don’t remember that much about them.  I do remember that I hadn’t created any polymer clay pieces in a while.  [email protected] 2011 was fast approaching and I wanted to have a wall jam-packed with art (as I usually do).  The curled series, along with a few other pieces, were born from the desire to create little doodles on an abstract background.  Creating pieces based on the elements is a bit cliche but one I don’t mind.