Nyan Cat (WhiteRosesArt.com)
Nyan Cat by Heather Miller

Year: 2012
Size: 5″ x 7″

Nyan Cat was made using polymer clay, beads, acrylic paint and a mini canvas mounted on canvas board.

The Story:

Nyan Cat was based on the popular internet meme which started out as an animated gif.  Then someone took a clip of a J-Pop song, looped the ‘nyan’ portion, and added it to the gif.  A 10-hour long video was uploaded to Youtube. Soon people were daring one other to see how long they could watch this simple looping animation & crazy musical element.

My Nyan Cat had two versions.  The original cat was created for a show called “Baby Canvases.”  It featured just the tiny canvas with the cat parts you see above.  The rainbow was made of ‘melted’ polymer clay.  It was kind of ugly.  I wasn’t at all surprised it didn’t sell at that show.

When I brought the piece back home, I decided to remove the original rainbow.  The meme version features pixelated cat.  I realized that’s what was wrong with mine, the original rainbow looked like crap, in part, because it didn’t fit with the basic element of the meme – or even the rectangular canvas body.

When I was making the polymer clay squares for the new rainbow, I realized that my Nyan Cat should take on another classic characteristic of its namesake:  space.  Years early, I bought a mix of beads from a small bead shop in Maryland.  Among them were the star you see on the piece.  I attached everything to a canvas board I painted blue.

Nyan Cat, in this form, sold rather quickly at its first showing.  One of these days, I think I’ll make another because nyan cat is adorable in its weirdness.