Zirella by Heather Miller | WhiteRosesArt.com
Zirella by Heather Miller

Title: Zirella
Year: 2013
Size: 8″ x 10″

Zirella was created using polymer clay, beads, and acrylic paint on canvas board.

The Story:

Zirella started out as a simple doodle.  Originally there were four curvy ‘line’ made from teardrop-shaped polymer clay.  I knew it wasn’t quite done yet but I didn’t know how to proceed.  Eventually I decided to just keep doodling with clay.  Doodling only with clay was rather boring though.  I have a penchant for texture so I added in beads to create a variation not only in texture but material.

The center portion, the greenish section that ends in a point, was done with a toothpick.  I laid the clay flat and poked about a zillion holes into it.  It’s time consuming and your eyes tend to glaze over after a while, but it is a very interesting effect.

I did change the frame out to a more substantial wooden frame before it’s last showing.  Sadly, I forgot to photograph it with the new frame.  Choosing the right frame really does make a large difference.  It’s a lesson I have to remind myself of often.   When I frame my newer pieces, I try to experiment a bit with frames before deciding on one.

The name comes from my list I created a long time ago when I tried to write a story / create my own video game.  Let’s just say I’m terrible at writing stories, but I now have a nice list of unusual names for my artwork when I get stuck for a title.