Title: Summer Concert
Price: $100.00
Size: 12.25″ x 12.25″ x 1 3/8″
Year: 2016

Summer Concert was created using spray paint, and painter’s caulk on canvas.  It comes in a gold metal frame without glass due to texture.

The Story:

Summer Concert is an abstract painting that started life looking very different.  It was one of a series of 4 pieces each with a similar texture.  It was, admittedly, not the most successful series so I decided to repaint it.

The texture of the piece was created using painter’s caulk. The caulk was swirled & pulled upwards over & over creating the texture.  The original color was a dark metallic silver.  When I decided the piece needed a facelift I wanted to move in a completely different direction with the colors.  I wanted to try a color palette that was vibrant & fun but also featured colors that I don’t normally use.

I began by spray painting a deep magenta color followed by a coral color and white.  There are many, many layers of spray paint on this piece.  Using a can of compressed air, I revealed the paint beneath before the piece dried.  Lastly, I lightly sprayed a metallic antique gold over the surface (from a distance) to give it very light sheen.

The painting is signed on the back, as is all my work.  In this case the piece features my original brand name, TexelGirl, along with my actual name.