The Virgin (
The Virgin by Heather Miller

Title: The Virgin
Price:  $55.00
Year:  2010
Size:  6″ x 8″ x ~5″

The Virgin was created using a paper mache skull, spray paint, acrylic paint, a silver Sharpie Marker, glass beads, and metal accents mounted on wood.

The Story:

The Virgin is an assemblage Day of the Dead sculpture. It was a part of the second series of skulls I created.  The skulls each had a persona, this one’s is of the virginal bride.

The base of each sculpture is a paper mache skull.  This one was painted white using a high gloss spray paint. A hole was drilled into the back and it was attached onto a wooden dowel that was drilled into the frame.  The frame is all wood and was painted a high gloss black.

Once all the glues that hold the skull in place were set, I added a variety of embellishments. Across the crown of the skull is a ring of clear glass flower beads. Two different metal embellishments were carefully bent to match the curvature of the skull and glued into place.  Lastly, a silver Sharpie marker was used to draw in the teeth.

The Day of the Dead skulls are now a retired theme.